Carpet Cleaning – Rent, Hire, or Buy?

Comparing the Costs of Carpet Cleaning

On the fence about which option is the most viable: buying a carpet cleaner, renting one, or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service? Well, it all depends on your budget and your schedule. To give a better perspective on the costs, we evaluated the options for a house in Kansas City, Mo., with 1,600 square feet of carpeting in a living room, four bedrooms, two hallways, and an office.

Why Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning is intended to get rid of ground-in dirt and debris in your carpet fibers. Consider adding a carpet cleaner to your cleaning equipment as it goes a long way, especially if your house experiences a lot of traffic and has many carpets. It quickly deals with embedded dirt and tough stains which can be impossible to achieve even with the best vacuums.


Rug Doctor allows you to rent a machine from partner outlet, for example, Home Depot or Walmart, for about $30 a day. The cost of 48 ounces of cleaning solution is around $17 and for the 1,600 square feet of carpet, you’ll need three bottles. The pretreating solution goes for around $6 each.

Total: $87 per cleaning


Hiring a carpet cleaning service that takes care of everything – as well as moving your furniture – charges by room. The minimum cost is $99, however, this amount can vary depending on where you reside.

Total: $257 per cleaning


The cost of the carpet cleaners we utilized in our tests ranges from $100 to almost $500. However, getting a spotless carpet doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Our second-choice carpet cleaner, the Hoover Dual Max Pet, goes for $150. The detergent required to clean 1,600 sq ft of carpeting in our house goes for around $60.

Total: $150 + $60 per cleaning

Even though the initial cost of buying a carpet cleaner is higher, you will have incurred approximately the same cost when renting around the fifth cleaning session. Hence, at the sixth cleaning, it will be cheaper to own. In comparison, buying will always be cheaper than hiring.

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