Day: November 16, 2019

Top Five Carpet StainsTop Five Carpet Stains

Sooner or later, it is something that happens to even the best of us.

You take all the precautions that you possibly can to protect your carpet and hope that no carpet stains or accidents will ever happen and comprise your carpeting’s beautiful appearance, and then suddenly a mishap strikes when your pet cannot hold it anymore, a drop of blood, or a sippy cup full of Kool-Aid.

There are numerous ways that carpet stains can be removed, but it is advantageous for you to be well-informed and be armed with some proven methods and techniques for removing the top five carpet stains that may present you with a big challenge if you don’t treat them properly when they arise. So take a big deep breath, keep reading, and the stain will be eliminated before you know it. Here are a few tips you can try before resorting to calling your local San Francisco Carpet Cleaners.

Eliminating Kool-Aid Stains From Your Carpets

glass tipping over

Kool-Aid may be the enemy that creates terrible carpet stains all types of carpet, however, with the proper treatment, Kool-Aid carpet stains can be removed even from white carpet. Simply take the following steps to get rid of tough carpet stains that a coloured beverage has caused:

First of all, you should always use a dry white towel to gently blot the stain. Never rub a stain since that will make it harder to entirely eliminate the carpet stain and may saturate the carpet pad as well.

You can try using a mixture of water, Dawn dish soap, and white vinegar inside of a spray bottle. Use 1 tablespoon of Dawn dishwashing soap, a 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and fill the bottle with water. Liberally spray the area and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes and blot using a dry and clean towel until the stain is completely removed.

Certain carpet stain removal products can be quite beneficial to combat numerous kinds of carpet stains. They include OxiClean, Resolve Carpet Cleaners, and Bissel Carpet Cleaning Formulas for stained carpets. For stubborn stains, use the product according to the directions, and then repeat using the vinegar spritz method until the stubborn stain is completely eliminated. (Make sure to test a small part of the carpet in order to ensure there won’t be a negative impact or reaction from using any of the substances.)

How To Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

puppy on carpet

Numerous pet owners have to face the challenging problem of cleaning up big messes from their pets. That can definitely be frustrating. However, there are substances and methods that can eliminate the odor associated with these kinds of accident, and entirely remove carpet stains. The following are some tips to help you eliminate pet stains out of your carpet:

First of all, clean the initial mess up. If there is any debris on the carpet, put on gloves and pick it up and then dispose of it. If the debris is wet, use the blotting method to soak the moisture up without rubbing or smearing. Repeatedly blot until the carpet is nearly dry to the touch and the carpet stain has been removed.

If the stain has dried on carpet fibers already, then moistening it is the best way to treat this kind of carpet stain. Then use a carpet stain cleaning product that is formulated specifically for pet stains.

In order to neutralize the spot and odor, you might need to try out several different techniques. Try to use white vinegar (you also might substitute white vinegar instead of white wine) for this. Mix one quart of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar and then spritz the mixture onto the stain. Wait for a couple of minutes for the vinegar to soak in and then use the blot technique until the spot is dry and the stain is removed.

Another method that may effectively eliminate pet stains from carpet is to mix together a stain-fighting laundry detergent with a quart of water into a spray bottle and then spray the spot with the mixture. Allow it to soak in for a couple of minutes, and then blot the spot, rinse it with warm water, and if necessary, repeat the process.

Eliminating Coffee Stains Out Of carpet

coffee spill stain

Coffee stains on a carpet can make the carpet look dirty and grimy if it isn’t treated correctly. The very noticeable brown-yellowish tone may be easily be mistaken as a pet mess that was ignored. Follow these basic suggestions to eliminate coffee stains from your carpet:

Use a dry white towel to blot the spot dry. If there is a great deal of spillage, be sure you don’t spread the stain further. Change the cloth as it becomes saturated with the liquid.

Try a mixture of a non-bleach, gentle detergent, water, and vinegar and use the spritzer method, rinse, and then repeat the process.

There are a number of different products that are sold at stores like Walgreens, Target, and Wal-Mart, and other stores that sell cleaners specifically for this kind of carpet stain. Always conduct a patch test to make sure the chemicals will not damage the carpet. Use as directed and know that some chemicals can be harmful to your skin. Therefore, as a precaution, wear gloves when using a stain removing product.

There are certain kinds of carpets like Polypropylene that safely respond to a carpet stain treatment made up of bleach and water. A mixture of 1 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of bleach can be prepared inside a spray bottle. Then use the mixture to soak the area with the stain, blot it, and then rinse using warm water, and repeat the process until the stain is eliminated.

Getting Rid Of Blood Stains Out Of Carpet

blood stain

There is a great deal of anxiety surrounding blood stains on carpets and clothes, but this highly dreaded occurrence isn’t as bad as it might seem. When it comes to removing blood stains, the stain needs to be treated as quickly as possible. Like with any kind of stain, the faster you are able to act, the more effective your effort at removing the carpet stain will be. There are numerous ways to remove blood stains from a carpet. Rest assured that you can definitely know after performing the following tips, that the spot will be eliminated to the greatest extent. The following are some methods for removing blood carpet stains:

When blood spots are treated on carpets, cold water should always be used instead of hot or warm water. That is important since blood coagulates with heat, and when cold water is used it will prevent the blood from soaking into carpet fibers.

Fill up a spritzer bottle with cold water and 2 teaspoons of a liquid, grease-fighting dishwashing detergent like Dawn, then spray the mixture on the stain. Moisten it liberally to entirely soak the carpet stain. The use a dry white cloth or paper towel and blot the spot so the blood transfers to your cloth. Use cold water to rinse the spot, and if necessary, repeat the process.

OxiClean is free of bleach and its ability to oxygenate a majority of carpet stains is perfect to use on bloodstains. Warm water is needed by OxiClean to dilute it, cold water can be used to mix it as well as you can. Use a bottle to apply on your bloodstained carpet or drop some of it on the spot. Blot it until dry, rinse, and if necessary, repeat the process.

Keep in mind that it might take a combination of all of the steps above and a lot of persistence to remove blood stains. After several attempts, your carpet should look brand new once again.

Eliminating Ink Stains From Your Carpet

It is well-known that ink stains can wreak a lot of havoc on carpets and fabric, and can even destroy the material. However, with a lot of trial and error and technology, there are better methods for removing ink carpet stains. With a couple of useful household products and some quick reflexes, that stubborn ink stain can be eliminated from your carpet. The following are effective ways to get rid of ink carpet stains:

ink stain

Take isopropyl alcohol (a higher percentage of its active ingredient will work the best) to damped a white clean cloth. Dab your damp cloth to your ink-stained carpet. Don’t scrub or rub it! That can spread the ink spot around. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes and then vacuum to get rid of the excess moisture.

You might need to repeat the process by treating the carpet stain again with alcohol. Some hairsprays nail polish removers also work, as well as other products containing a high level of alcohol (even vinegar or white wine can be used).

When any of those chemicals are used, rinse with water, and then vacuum or blot dry.

Make sure to always conduct a test on a part of the carpet that is inconspicuous to ensure the cleaning solution will not cause further damage to certain kinds of carpets.

Most of these procedures and techniques use household supplies, cleaners, and chemicals for removing carpet stains. There are many carpet cleaning solutions that are available that are specially formulated for a specific kind of carpet stain.

Carpet Cleaning – Rent, Hire, or Buy?Carpet Cleaning – Rent, Hire, or Buy?

Comparing the Costs of Carpet Cleaning

On the fence about which option is the most viable: buying a carpet cleaner, renting one, or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service? Well, it all depends on your budget and your schedule. To give a better perspective on the costs, we evaluated the options for a house in Kansas City, Mo., with 1,600 square feet of carpeting in a living room, four bedrooms, two hallways, and an office.

Why Carpet Cleaning

cat on a carpet

Carpet cleaning is intended to get rid of ground-in dirt and debris in your carpet fibers. Consider adding a carpet cleaner to your cleaning equipment as it goes a long way, especially if your house experiences a lot of traffic and has many carpets. It quickly deals with embedded dirt and tough stains which can be impossible to achieve even with the best vacuums.


Rug Doctor allows you to rent a machine from partner outlet, for example, Home Depot or Walmart, for about $30 a day. The cost of 48 ounces of cleaning solution is around $17 and for the 1,600 square feet of carpet, you’ll need three bottles. The pretreating solution goes for around $6 each.

Total: $87 per cleaning


Hiring a carpet cleaning service that takes care of everything – as well as moving your furniture – charges by room. The minimum cost is $99, however, this amount can vary depending on where you reside.

Total: $257 per cleaning


The cost of the carpet cleaners we utilized in our tests ranges from $100 to almost $500. However, getting a spotless carpet doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Our second-choice carpet cleaner, the Hoover Dual Max Pet, goes for $150. The detergent required to clean 1,600 sq ft of carpeting in our house goes for around $60.

Total: $150 + $60 per cleaning

Even though the initial cost of buying a carpet cleaner is higher, you will have incurred approximately the same cost when renting around the fifth cleaning session. Hence, at the sixth cleaning, it will be cheaper to own. In comparison, buying will always be cheaper than hiring.