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HQ Advanced Carpet Cleaning

How Do We Test Different Carpet Cleaners?

Running just one carpet cleaner completely through our set of tests measuring cleaning performance takes three full days.

Our engineers start off the process by taking off-white nylon carpet and soiling large areas of it using red Georgia clay. The second thing they do is run a carpet cleaner across the pieces. They do this for four wet cycles, as well as four dry cycles. This simulates the conditions of consumer cleaning on an especially dirty spot in a high-traffic area. Our engineers then repeat this test on at least two more swatches.

During the test, our team uses a colorimeter to get 60 different readings on each piece of carpet for each test.

A colorimter is a device which measures how light wavelengths are absorbed.

We do 20 measurements of the carpet in its ‘virgin’ state, before doing 20 more after the carpet was soiled, followed by the final 20 after cleaning. Sixty readings across three carpet samples means a grand total of 180 cumulative readings for each model.